I’m a filmmaker/photographer and consultant from Quito, Ecuador, currently based in Calgary, AB. I have been working in the visual media industry from the age of 15, and have been fortunate enough to be involved in all aspects of media production.

During my career, I have worked on several productions in film and video commercial projects here in Canada, and in my native Ecuador. In 2013, I graduated from SAIT’s prestigious Film and Video Production program, and was the published filmmaker in CSIF’s 2013 Winter Answer Print. Since then, I have had the great fortune of working in Alberta’s visual media industry with some fantastic people, learning and growing as a visual arts professional. I continue to operate in the Calgary area as a videographer, photographer and consultant.
If you’d like to connect with me and chat about scheduling a shoot or consulting session, or about getting a project off the ground, please drop me a line anytime!